/ AT SMARTSPACE, “being green” doesn’t just happen outside of the office

Your office space just got smarter!  Inefficient commercial interiors are a thing of the past.  Make a statement and show that you’re environmentally conscious - it is easy being green!  SmartSpace has paid close attention to incorporating green practices throughout the space.  Here is a breakdown of all the things that make SmartSpace sustainable.

  • Forest City developed Stapleton as a walkable and sustainable community
  • Alternative Transportation – RTD bus transportation in front of building
  • Alternative Transportation – bicycle racks and changing room
  • Water Use Reduction through motion sensor faucet in bathroom
  • Water Use Reduction through low-flow aerators on all faucets
  • Optimized Energy Performance – Solar panels on roof of the building (roof pic)
  • Optimized Energy Performance – CFL’s and high efficiency balasts used throughout the space
  • Optimized Energy Performance – Motion sensor lighting controls
  • Optimized Energy Performance – Programmable thermostat
  • Optimized Energy Performance – All appliances are either Energy Star rated or reused (energy star pic)
  • Optimized Energy Performance – Extreme Air hand dryer uses 80% less energy than conventional dryers
  • Green Power – Proportion of the electricity used at SmartSpace is generated from wind turbines
  • Storage and Collection of Recyclables
  • Building Reuse – Maintained over 95% of previous tenant’s interior
  • Compost Collection in Kitchen
  • Materials Reuse – Reused over 90% of previous tenant’s furniture and furnishings
  • Recycled Content – New furniture (Setu chairs & DiVi panels)
  • Recycled Content – 100% recycled paper in printer/copy machine
  • Construction Waste Management (diverted waste from landfill) - Recyclable or returnable packaging for all new furniture, fixtures, and equipment
  • Solid Waste Management – Eliminated waste of bathroom paper towels through use of hand dryer
  • Solid Waste Management – Eliminated waste of empty printer cartridges by using Xerox ColorQube
  • Low-Emitting Materials – Eco-Spec (zero VOC) paint used for remodeling
  • Low-Emitting Materials – All new furniture is GreenGuard certified
  • Controllability of Systems – High level of lighting controls in meeting rooms and workspace area
  • Daylight & Views – 3 sides of the interior space have floor to ceiling glass windows
  • No disposable coffee cups, plates, sliverware, water bottles, etc. Everything is reusable and we do have compostable plastic cups if needed.
  • Xerox ColorQube prints using vegetable- based inks which have a low VOC and printed paper is easier to recycle